More Than A Meat Bar


To mark World Innovation Day I thought I'd trawl the archives. In the hope that I could inspire you to take a leap of faith.

Dreams are the most profound when they seem the most crazy. Co-incidentally, I was told I was crazy, when I first met with the head of innovation at the Food Centre Wales in 2014. With no knowledge of food production, I was convinced there was an opportunity for an ambient meat bar. I refer to it as the naively optimistic years!

The interview in the short edit below was filmed back in 2015. I was on the verge of launching a Kickstarter campaign for an idea called Fori. One thing that still rings true, three years later, is the ambition to be more than a meat snack, to kick start a revolution. A movement towards snacking on real food and away from sugar laden treats we're misled to believing are healthy.

A revolution never dies.

Through thick and thin, our mission is the one thing that drives our business forward. I can't wait to reveal what we have in store for 2018. This revolution is only just getting started.

Into the void