To kick-off March, Laura takes a look back at Veganuary and debates how feasible it is for anyone to live a vegan lifestyle.

Every year we are bombarded with new fad diets, and to kick of 2018 we’ve seen the rise of Veganuary, a month where people around the world choose to undertake a vegan lifestyle.  However, just how achievable is a vegan lifestyle?

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Technically anyone who chooses to abstain from eating and using animal products is vegan but some vegans do choose to go the extra lengths to avoid using anything associated with the use of animals. The truth is, it’s virtually impossible to be 100% vegan and live a life that doesn’t involve the use of animal by products. The fact is, almost everything, contains animal products. The rubber soles of your trainers, the steel within your car and even the photo paper you printed your holiday snaps on all contain animal products.

When farmers and others within the meat industry tell you that every part of the animal is utilised they really aren’t lying. The meat is the most obvious by product of animals accounting for approximately 51%  of a cows carcass with the remaining 49% forming a use in our day to day life.  

Shampoos, soaps, cosmetics and even pain relief contain animal by products, from fatty acids, collagen, keratin, lactose, lanolin and even musk.  The dining room table and chairs you sit and eat from will contain animal by products in the glue. The strings on a tennis racket or a musical instrument, plastic or animal gut? Both contain animal by products.

Your car contains animal products? Surprise! Animal fat is used in the production of steel and to vulcanise rubber. Antifreeze also contains animal fats, as does hydraulic brake fluid! Bricks, plaster, home insulation materials and cement mix can also contain animal fats, which make them last longer.

The unlimited use of the animals carcass is amazing.  There is nothing wrong with the choice people make whether to abstain from eating meat or whether you choose to devour a roast dinner every night of the week!  But it really does pose the question, can you ever really be vegan?